Russia’s nuclear threat

Russia’s nuclear threat: what Putin’s speech means for the Ukraine war

Once again, Putin flirts with the grim prospect of nuclear war – this time, he might be serious about it

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The US is taking Vladimir Putin’s veiled threats to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine seriously, a top White House official has told the BBC.

On Wednesday, Russia’s leader warned his country would use all means at its disposal to protect its territory. The US has said it takes these threats seriously but has seen no indication that it needs to change its strategic deterrent posture.

The UN Security Council strongly condemned Russia’s conduct in Ukraine and said Moscow would use “all weapon systems available” to defend itself. But Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the council of imposing a false narrative and restated allegations that ethnic Russians had been persecuted.


What Would Happen If Putin Launched A Nuclear Strike Against Ukraine

What Would Happen If Putin Launched A Nuclear Strike Against Ukraine?

War in Ukraine | Latest updates on the war in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, has vowed to defend Russian territory with any means necessary, including nuclear weapons. He is currently preparing to annex sizable portions of the occupied Ukrainian territory.

What would occur if Russia detonated a nuclear weapon in Ukraine.


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