Vladimir Putin’s demoralized and terrified soldiers are stealing clothes from Ukrainian homes and fleeing across the border on bikes in a desperate bid to escape conflict, reports have claimed.

    In recent days, Vlad’s army appears to have suffered an astonishing collapse, with Ukrainian officials estimating to have reclaimed some 3,000 square kilometres of territory from Russia.

    Ukraine war latest news today

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    It marks the most dramatic shift in Ukrainian land since the start of the war in February. British intelligence puts the scale of Ukrainian territory recaptured as twice the size of Greater London and including the key city of Izyum.

    Ukraine has shown off some of the abandoned Russian military equipment which has fallen into its hands in recent days, estimated to be worth around £111 million.

    It includes 20 tanks in working order and almost the same number again in need of repair as well as 40 or so armored vehicles, another 100 military vehicles, and 21 armored personnel carriers.


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