Ukraine is asking the West for modern tanks to help Ukrainian forces make rapid progress in the northeast of the country and conquer more territory.

    M1 Abrams & Leopard To Ukraine

    #Ukraine #Leopardtanks #Russiantanks | Why The West Is Hesitant To Supply Modern Tanks Like M1 Abrams & Leopard To Ukraine Amid Russia War

    Modern tanks are a top priority for Kyiv as its forces continue to make progress in the Donbas region. Ukraine’s request has gained pace after Putin announced a partial mobilization of reservists. Ukrainian military experts believe the tanks will bolster Kyiv’s counteroffensive against the Russians.

    Ukraine has its eye on the advanced American M-1 Abrams and the German Leopard tanks. However, both the U.S. and Germany have been reluctant to equip Ukraine with modern main battle tanks.


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    There is no one better than Joe when it comes to letting his guests speak and waiting for them to finish.

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