Big Wins for Ukraine: The 2 Counter-Offensives

Big Wins for Ukraine The 2 Counter-Offensives
Big Wins for Ukraine The 2 Counter-Offensives

After several quiet weeks, Ukraine is conducting two significant counteroffensives in the north and south of the country, making gains in Kharkiv and Kherson. Here is a video showing the latest developments and what they mean for the conflict.

Ukraine’s military has been on the offensive lately, and they have had some big wins. Two counter-offensives have pushed back Russian-backed forces and regained control of strategic territory. TLDR News EU

Ukrainian forces staged an offensive against Russian troops, damaging two main supply routes. The Ukrainian forces were planning to besiege the Russians in the city.

Initially, the counter-offensive didn’t look to be going particularly well for Ukrainian forces, but over the last few days, things seem to have improved slightly. Ukrainian forces have captured a few more towns and have established a permanent presence.

While the Ukrainians have made advances, it’s important to keep this in perspective. The fact that they are on the offensive more than the Russians marks a significant turning point in the war.

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