At a rally in Maryland Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was interrupted by a heckler who shouted that he had stolen the election.

    Heckler interrupts Biden’s speech at Maryland rally yelling “You stole the election!”

    The president said, “Let him go,” and “That’s OK,” before offering a comeback, saying that the Democrats had never given up on the American people.

    Heckler claimed 2020 election was stolen

    Joe Biden had harsh words for a heckler who interrupted his speech at a midterm fundraiser and rally in Maryland on Thursday night. He also addressed his views of the politics of the current Republican party.

    Mr Biden said that the MAGA philosophy was like semi-fascism and that he respected conservative Republicans.

    Observers say the Democratic party is in a better position to compete than it was during the summer of inflation and high gas prices.

    White House has been similarly sharp-elbowed when defending the president’s student loan forgiveness program. Calling out Marjorie Taylor Greene for criticizing the plan.


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