How HIMARS Changed the War in Ukraine

How HIMARS Changed the War in Ukraine
How HIMARS Changed the War in Ukraine

Ukraine is using US-made Himars missiles to fight Russia. The missiles have been used to hit command posts and ammunition depots.

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What is HIMARS?

The US has supplied Ukraine with missiles that can reach a range of 50 miles (80 km). These missiles are GPS-guided and can be more accurately targeted than Russian Smerch missiles.

How has Ukraine used HIMARS?

HIMARS began being used in Ukraine at the end of June or the start of July. They may now be used to attack concentrations of Russian troops in barracks and command posts.

Ukrainian forces started using Himars missiles to cut off Russia’s access to Kherson in mid-July, which has created a problem in resupplying the city.

Can HIMARS win the war for Ukraine?

The HIMARS weapon is very useful for cutting supply lines and depleting Russian firepower, but its impact may be overstated.

The supply of missiles for the Himars system is more important than the number of launchers.

How is Russia fighting back?

Russia is now focusing on destroying HIMARS launchers and missiles. At the same time, they are being delivered but have provided no proof of their claims.

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