How Ukraine’s Surprise Counteroffensive On Multiple Fronts Caught Putin’s Troops Off Guard

After 6 months of invasion, Ukrainian forces seem to have achieved their biggest breakthrough of the war.

0:00 – Introduction
0:42 – Ukraine Liberates 1000 Sq Km Within Days of Counterattacks
1:33 – Kherson in the South
3:35 – Kharkiv in the Northeast
5:26 – Donbas in the East
5:52 – Advantage Ukraine for the First Time in War Against Russia?
7:00 – Next Few Weeks Critical for Ukraine
8:05 – Why Putin Can’t Afford to Lose Occupied Territories

Ukrainian troops are attacking along three fronts in the south, east and north, likely shifting the war’s momentum in Kyiv’s favour.

Kyiv’s military is reversing some of the territorial gains made by the the Russian army in the first six months of the invasion.

The Ukrainian push on two fronts, both in Kharkiv and Kherson, has likely put Russian forces on the back foot.

Advantage Ukraine for the first time in war against Russia? Can Ukraine force Putin to abandon his invasion?


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