2022 Ukrainian counteroffensive

    #antitankmissile #russiaukrainewar #worldnews | Javelins & AT4s In Short Supply As Ukraine Amps Up Pace Of War Amid Supply Chain Crisis​

    Six months into the Ukraine war, fears are growing that the defenders are running out of weapons as the pace of war increases.

    The man-portable anti-tank weapons that have been critical to Ukraine’s efforts to fight the Russian invasion need to be replenished. However, the global supply chain crisis means that stocks of anti-tank weapons are in short supply both in Ukraine and in the countries where they are manufactured.

    The U.S. has faced supply problems of its own following the donation of the FGM-148 Javelin to Ukraine, and the crisis is expected to worsen. Analysts have warned that Ukraine may now have to rely entirely on simpler systems such as the Swedish-made AT4.


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