Putin walk and ‘mystery limp’: Is Russia’s President really dying? | Putin’s health analysed

Putin walk and 'mystery limp' Is Russia's President really dying Putin's health analysed
Putin walk and 'mystery limp' Is Russia's President really dying Putin's health analysed

Putin health problems: Videos of Putin walking with what appears to be a ‘limp’ have sparked questions about his health ever since the war with Ukraine started. There have been wild speculations about the Russian president due to the footage showing him shake, seemingly unable to move his right arm, and being covered in blankets. Rumours have ranged from ‘severe nausea’ to cancer.

RUSSIA – Putin walk and ‘mystery limp’: Is Russia’s President really dying? | Putin’s health analysed.

The Daily Mail examines Putin’s walk, health, ‘mysterious limp’ and whether he is in fact dying in this video.

Putin health problems

Is Vladimir Putin sick? What we know about the Russian president’s health?

Timeline shows Putin's alleged health problems
Timeline shows Putin’s alleged health problems after contested Ukrainian claims that he is concealing a serious illness

Russian President Vladimir Putin is rumored to have cancer, but doctors cannot examine the patient in person.

Putin tightened isolation measures in the Kremlin in the fall of 2020, and began conducting in-person meetings at a long table in February 2022.

Three doctors accompany Putin on his travels, and an oligarch close to the Kremlin described Putin as “very ill with blood cancer”.

The General SVR Telegram channel has made recent claims about Vladimir Putin’s health, claiming he is battling cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

A video clip of Putin seemingly unable to use his right arm has emerged, sparking claims body doubles have already been used to hide his ill health.

The channel alleged that Putin will be isolated from meetings due to the return of the Covid pandemic.

The Kremlin has previously denied reports that Putin is unwell

The director of the CIA said that there was no evidence to suggest that Vladimir Putin is in unstable or bad health, joking that he appeared “too healthy”.

Despite the comments from the director of the CIA, a Russian officer told the Sunday Mirror that Putin’s eyesight is seriously worsening and his limbs are now also shaking uncontrollably.

The oligarch discussed Putin’s health with a Western venture capitalist, who recorded the conversation without his permission. The oligarch said that Putin was “crazy” with his Ukraine war.

The Russian leader was seen coughing and keeping his legs warm by covering them with a heavy blanket at the Victory Day parade. Many commented on the blanket, with one user joking that Putin stole it from a veteran.

Putin was seen holding on to the corner of his desk during a meeting with defence minister Sergei Shoigu, and looked pale and slouched in a chair.

Admiral Chris Parry said he believed President Putin might be battling cancer, and suggested that his immune system might be suppressed at the moment, which is why he has been using long tables to interview people.

Several newspapers have suggested that Putin may be suffering from cancer. A US intelligence source claimed that Putin’s ‘puffy face’ is a side-effect of chemotherapy drugs or steroids.

Professor Solovei spoke of Putin’s health traumas in 2020, and said that the second diagnosis was more dangerous than the first.

Fiona Hill, the British former senior White House expert on Russia, told Politico that Putin may be taking high doses of steroids or something else.

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