In Russia, artists who speak out against the invasion of Ukraine are being blacklisted. An artist blacklist was formed in Russia to investigate “anti-Russian cultural activities”. Artists, musicians and other prominent figures are now under scrutiny for their political views.

    Russian government blacklists artists and pop stars who criticize the Ukraine war

    #Russia #Ukraine #UkraineWar – Russia blacklists artists and pop stars critical of Ukraine war – VIDEOS

    Svetlana Loboda was banned from entering Russia for the next 50 years for speaking out against the country’s war against Ukraine. She is one of many prominent figures punished by Russia for publicly speaking out against the Kremlin and its policies.

    In recent years, the political situation in Russia has become increasingly tense, and the group refused to give concerts and held a secret concert for a select audience. Authorities demanded video and surveillance photos to identify the people who attended the concert.

    Russia’s blacklisting of artists and pop stars critical of their war in Ukraine is a dangerous form of censorship. It not only silences those who would speak out against the war, but it also discourages others from doing so. This kind of censorship is a grave violation of freedom of expression.


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