Russia claims it foiled a Ukrainian amphibious landing near the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant on September 3. 42 Ukrainian boats with more than 250 troops tried to land there.

    UKRAINE – Russia “Foils Ukraine Sabotage” At Zaporizhzhia | No US Visa For Lavrov | Putin’s Ka-52, Drone Hit

    A Russian Ka-52 helicopter and a “Forpost” drone have been shot down by Ukraine’s Air Force in Donetsk Oblast.

    Ukraine’s commander-in-chief says two Bayraktar drones destroyed $26.5 million worth of Russian military equipment in three days.

    Over 40 combat sorties were conducted by the Ukrainian air force on September 2.

    Residents fear nuclear incident at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia plant

    #Ukraine #Russia #BBCNews | Residents fear nuclear incident at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia plant – BBC News

    Europe’s biggest nuclear facility has been occupied by Russian forces since March. Both sides have denied intentionally shelling the facility.

    Fighting near Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant has left residents “living in fear” of an accident. Concerns have been raised despite visits by the UN and the International Atomic Energy Agency to assess the site, after reports of intense shelling nearby.


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