Why the Russian Army T-72 Tank is Worse Than You Think

Is the T-72 a good tank?
Is the T-72 a good tank?

Russia’s most prolific tank, the T-72, got destroyed in Ukraine. In this video, Chris examines why the Russian armored philosophy hasn’t really worked on the modern battlefield.

Why is the Russian Army’s T-72 seem to be having all kinds of problems in Ukraine? | Task & Purpose

In hindsight, Russia could have tailored its tank developments over the past two decades to improve its survivability. Heavy armor, active protection system technology, and a complete redesign of the T-72 from the ground up would have improved survivability.

Is the T-72 a good tank?

The Russian T-72 tank is very fast-moving, lightweight, and has incredible firepower. It also costs half a million dollars to produce.

The T-72 is emblematic of the Soviet Union’s politics, marred in petty infighting and egregious corruption. It fits into the Russian military’s doctrine of throwing tons of armored vehicles at the enemy.

The T-72 is based on the T-62 design, which evolved over time since World War Ii. It was the first tank to be capable of firing the armor-piercing thin stabilized discarding Sabot round.

The T-62 had some problems, so they upgraded to the T-64, but it had a bunch of mechanical problems, so they began working on the T-72. Two rival tank teams would end up competing against one another to create the T-72.

The T-72 had a new larger 125 millimeter main gun, used the same base armor composite instead of the older homogenous castile, required a smaller three-man crew, and could reach a top speed of 47 miles per hour.

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