While Ukrainian troops advance in the northeast, they find devastation and new evidence of Russian atrocities as they liberate dozens of communities.

    #Ukraine #Russia #UkraineWar – Ukraine counteroffensive: Troops liberate dozens of communities.

    Ukraine has scored a significant victory in the Northeast, and Russia has rushed reinforcements to the region.

    The Ukrainians have caught the Russians off guard, because all the talk was about the South, and maybe that was a distraction tactic to get Russia to focus its efforts there.

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    CIA chief: Russia will pay “a heavy price” for Ukraine invasion

    Bill Burns, the head of the CIA, called the recent Russian invasion a “failure” and said that Russia will dearly pay for the war as Ukraine tries to take back territory in their own country.

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    CIA Director Bill Burns calls the Russian invasion of Ukraine a “failure.” He said Moscow will pay a heavy price for the war as Ukrainian forces try to retake areas in the south and northeast of the country. CBS News foreign correspondent Debora Patta joined Errol Barnett and Anne Marie Green for a discussion.


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