Ukrainian tanks wipe out Russian infantry vehicles with precision

Ukrainian tanks wipe out Russian infantry vehicles
Ukrainian tanks wipe out Russian infantry vehicles

Ukraine and Russia war 2022 update today! A dramatic video shows Ukrainian tanks destroying Russian infantry. The images were obtained from the 22nd Motorized Infantry Battalion of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, on Friday, 26th August, along with a statement saying: “Detect and destroy: in Kharkiv, soldiers track enemy vehicles in the fields and blow ’em up.

Russia-Ukraine war latest news today

Ukrainian tanks have been attacking Russian forces in eastern Ukraine. In the video, tanks can be seen firing at a vehicle with precision, setting him on fire.

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Dan Koch

The only good thing about this video is how bad the sight optics are in Russian made tanks.


Looks like the BMP was already abandoned/broken down. Could have been booby-trapped though

Reagan Morgan

Being a former tanker, neither of those rounds contacted the bmp…there was no shower of sparks, and no obvious resulting internal fire. Both incoming rounds were from the right of the picture…sure a shower of dust/dirt, no round contact.

irgend ein TYP

The troops inside there were probably already gone fighting other troops

Michael Richardson

I don’t believe that was tank fire. Most likely indirect fire from artillery. The vehicle was left there was no one running for their life after first explosion. Doesn’t even look at vehicle was hit by anything other the debris from the shell

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