What Would Happen If Russia and the US Went to War

What Would Happen If Russia and the US Went to War
What Would Happen If Russia and the US Went to War

Are you wondering what would happen if Russia and the United States fought? Check out the latest episode, in which the two major military forces joust against one another. Could this actually lead to a war between the two countries? Take a look and find out!

If Russia and U.S. went to war, who would win

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What would happen if NATO went to war with Russia

President Joe Biden warns Russia that using chemical weapons in Ukraine would have severe consequences. Still, fifteen American soldiers are killed when a Russian missile hits a Ukrainian base hosting American trainers. The American people are outraged by the deaths of US service members in Ukraine.

A new book by General Sir Richard Shirreff, Nato’s deputy supreme allied commander for Europe between 2011 and 2014, evokes a potential scenario that leads to a devastating future war with Russia.

Fact vs fiction

The general’s underlying political message is that the West’s defence capabilities are hollowing out, making war ever more likely.

Shirreff’s novel is reminiscent of Tom Clancy’s The Hunt for Red October and the excellent The Third World War: August 1985 by General John Hackett, but is far more overtly political and is deeply critical of the West’s reduced defence spending.

The security of co-dependence

The Nord Stream pipeline supplies 38.7% of Western Europe’s gas needs, and Russia desperately needs the foreign earnings it generates.

A real-life analysis of Putin’s actions would suggest that he is being entirely rational and that he is looking to play the long game. Russia is being hemmed-in by her opponents with more and more of her neighbours coming under the sway of the US, the West and NATO.

World War III

If there was to be war with Russia, it would be highly unlikely that there would be a Kursk-style pitched battle between heavy armour. Still, the use of missiles, artillery, precision-guided munitions, and surveillance systems would make it highly dangerous and highly destructive.

A large-scale conflict would be far more devastating and lasting than World War II.

A total war would be waged on every imaginable front, from the internet and the stock market to outer space, with both sides seeking to disrupt all aspects of normal life.

The general has written an excellent and compelling novel, but dismissing the Russian leadership purely as aggressively irrational is both naive and shortsighted.

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