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Life on Mars.

Final Proof of Life on Mars!

The evidence for alien life is becoming stronger and stronger based on the research results of the past…

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First complex life.

When Did Complex Life Start on Earth | What Was the First Complex Life?

It is clear from fossils that simple organisms dominated life on Earth for the first 3 billion years.…

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How Did The Earth Look 2 Billion Years Ago

How Did The Earth Look 2 Billion Years Ago?

The earth has undergone a number of dramatic changes over its history and is still doing so today.…

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Science Behind Wormholes.

Is a Wormhole Scientifically Possible?

Scientists have long considered wormholes as a possible means of interstellar travel within human timescales. This video explains…

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PlayStation 5 notify when the keyboard or mouse is connected to the console.

How to Use a PS5 Keyboard and Mouse

Entering passwords and searching for content in apps is difficult with the Dual-sense controller on the PS5 Console.…

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Asteroid Sample from Japan

NASA Receives Special Cosmic Delivery of Asteroid Sample from Japan

Just as fossils hold clues to the history of life, asteroids hold clues to the history of the solar system.…

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How is the Internet connected under the ocean.

How Is the Internet Connected Under the Ocean

Cable networks have brought the world together. The description gives some hint at how this technology works. Currently,…

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Myths About Dinosaurs

Discover Myths About Dinosaurs That Are Untrue

There are many questions and fascinations surrounding the prehistoric world of dinosaurs. Take a look at this list…

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Planet 9 (Planet nine).

What Is the Mystery of Planet 9 – If It Exists, Why Can’t Scientists See It?

Planet 9: There are 8 official planets in our Solar System. Is it possible that beyond Neptune there…

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WebRTC technology.

What exactly is WebRTC technology and how does it work?

WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication): For a long time now, people have been looking for a way to…

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Earth Was Once A Planet Of Giants.

The Strange Theory That Earth Was Once A Planet Of Giants

There have been many myths and legends about giants in the history of mankind. Giant, fearsome, human-like creatures…

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Dogs tilt their heads to the side when we talk to them.

Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads to the Side?

A new study examined why dogs tilt their heads aside, and showed that this action is related to…

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Do cold showers really have health benefits - Man showering.

Do Cold Showers Really Have Health Benefits?

Are the supposed benefits of cold showers compelling enough to convince you to turn the faucet the other…

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Food sustainability.

Secret Lab Engineered the Most Sustainable Food in the World

Solar Foods is a startup company that makes food from thin air. Although we currently produce enough food…

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