Ways to get smarter

The level of a person’s raw intelligence, his or her basic potency, as measured by aptitude tests, remains, during adulthood, generally fairly stable for most people.

While it is true that there are things you can do to increase your abilities, such as doing brain exercises, solving puzzles, or having optimal sleep – the amount of brain power you have is difficult to increase significantly or permanently.

To those of you who struggle every day to improve your performance it may seem like bad news: if I can’t increase my processing power, how do I solve the increasingly complex problems that life confronts me with?

Mental patterns are the key

The good news is that raw cognitive skills are important, of course, but it’s the way you use and exploit them that really makes the difference.

The most successful people in the world, like Ray Dalio or Warren Buffett, are not necessarily out of our league in terms of raw intelligence: they have simply developed and applied better mental models of how the world works, and they use these principles to filter their thoughts and decisions, to plan strategies and implement projects.

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