The world’s smallest lizard is called the Jaragua Gecko, a creature found by biologists near the Caribbean Sea. The body is very small, about 1.6 cm from head to tail, and such species of lizards are rare and have been added to the list of endangered animals, which are actually very valuable.

Jaragua Gecko - Smallest Lizard in the World.

Living environment of Jaragua dwarf gecko

The Caribbean Sea is full of islands and the waters are very wide and full of microorganisms. Jaragua sphaero love the water and the landscape of the Caribbean Sea, which is why they have always lived here. They have become comfortable here and have made it their home. However, due to environmental changes, their numbers have become very low.

There are actually more than 80 species of geckos, and the Jaragua gecko is just one of them. Its body is very small and its skin is very soft, and it mostly feeds on insects. The body is short and somewhat round and chunky, and there are suction cups on the feet. The favorite food is small ants and small insects.

The biggest fears of the Jaragua gecko are snakes and centipedes, as it is often attacked by these large animals. These geckos existed during the Ice Age, when they lived mainly on coral rock and limestone. At that time, the Caribbean was a very good environment, and gradually more and more people settled, which affected the life of the lizards.

Jaragua Gecko Facts

  • The Jaragua Gecko is the smallest lizard in the world and has a variety of natural enemies due to its small size.
  • Jaragua Geckos are cold-blooded and are also reptiles.
  • Any creature larger than it can be considered a natural enemy of the Jaragua Gecko.
  • The Jaragua dwarf gecko is not aggressive in any way.
  • The Jaragua Sphaero is commonly known as the four-legged snake, also known as the snake’s aunt.
  • If you had to determine the most feared enemy of the Jaragua dwarf gecko, it would be the snake, but snakes and lizards are actually related. This is because both lizards and snakes have scales on their bodies and have a very similar cloaca.


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