Volcanic Lightning and the Origin of Life

The recent volcanic eruption on the island of La Palma has put the phenomenon of volcanism in all its facets in the spotlight. Apart from getting acquainted with lava flows, and ash ejections, it was possible to observe impressive electrical discharges in the ash cloud above the volcano. These volcanic Lightning is a very strangeContinue reading “Volcanic Lightning and the Origin of Life”

Mysterious Facts about Black Holes

Curiosities about black holes. What would happen if we fell into a black hole? What lies beyond the event horizon? How are they detected? Black holes are fascinating cosmic objects that, in turn, raise many questions. Black holes form a group of cosmic objects that are among the most mysterious in the universe. Scientists haveContinue reading “Mysterious Facts about Black Holes”

Do We Get Any Heat From Other Stars

Heat from other stars. Does the Earth receive heat from the millions of other stars in our galaxy? Does the light bring the heat and perhaps it cools down on the long journey through space to reach the earth and therefore no significant amount of heat arrives here? While we do receive heat from otherContinue reading “Do We Get Any Heat From Other Stars”

What Are the Dangers of Living on Other Planets

Could we possibly live on another planet? Have you ever thought of leaving Earth and moving to another planet where there are no problems such as pollution, disease or violence? We do not know if such a place exists, but it is certainly not near us. Venus If we left our planet today, it wouldContinue reading “What Are the Dangers of Living on Other Planets”

How Deep Is the Ocean and What’s at the Bottom?

First of all it is important to mention that the ocean is very, very deep. Deeper than we can imagine. Today, we invite you to go on an adventure into the mysteries of the deep Seabed. Embark with us on this journey and dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific, theContinue reading “How Deep Is the Ocean and What’s at the Bottom?”

Why Flowers Smell So Good

Almost all flowers have a special scent that attracts us and makes them unique and irresistible at the same time. This smell is delicious, like a sweet, fresh and delicate perfume. But why do flowers smell the way they do? The plant must resort to other strategies to transport pollen to fertilize other flowers. InContinue reading “Why Flowers Smell So Good”

Did Jupiter Influence the Formation of the Moon

The migration of Jupiter may have destabilized the orbit of other celestial bodies in the past. We have already discussed planet formation several times. An interstellar cloud of gas and dust collapses under its own gravity, most of its mass eventually concentrates in the center and forms a star, and the dust grains orbiting itContinue reading “Did Jupiter Influence the Formation of the Moon”

What is the “2038 Effect”, what devices does it affect and what danger could it pose?

On January 19, 2038, when the clock strikes fourteen minutes and seven seconds past five in the morning (03:14:07 UTC), a computer bug will cause most computers, programs, servers or any type of device that uses a 32-bit system and has not been patched to fail on a global scale, thinking that it is 1901Continue reading “What is the “2038 Effect”, what devices does it affect and what danger could it pose?”

How Does the Eyes See Things – Short Answer

The human eye processes a great deal of information about everything around you, sending all these signals to the brain, which in turn allows you to see: Shapes Colors Textures Movements HOW DO WE SEE? Learn more about the human eye, how light passes through the lens and sends signals, via the optic nerve, toContinue reading “How Does the Eyes See Things – Short Answer”

Does the Banana Have Seeds

Despite what many people think, depending on the species analyzed, bananas do have seeds. Banana is the name given to the plants grouped in the genus known as Musa. These species have large, green leaves that have Sheaths that form a pseudostem. The true stem of the banana, also called the rhizome, is underground andContinue reading “Does the Banana Have Seeds”