You Ate a Piece of Bread That Had Mold on It and Now What?

Should I be worried if I ate moldy bread?

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. You make yourself a sandwich. You’re enjoying it quietly and suddenly you realize that the bread you’ve already taken a few bites of has a few green or blue spots on it. Ugh, now what? This is what can happen to you when you… Continue reading You Ate a Piece of Bread That Had Mold on It and Now What?

Terraforming: Changing the Atmosphere of a Planet

Terraforming is a theory about the hypothetical possibility of changing the climatic conditions on space bodies: moons, asteroids and stars. But first of all, of course, we are talking about planets. It is assumed that it is possible to make the climate, atmosphere and environmental conditions suitable for the comfortable life of humans, land animals… Continue reading Terraforming: Changing the Atmosphere of a Planet

The Yellow Sun Paradox

The Color of The Sun

Who as a child didn’t draw pictures showing the sun – as a round ball with a smiling face, surrounded by a wreath of light rays? What color was the sun in your pictures? If the answer is “yellow”, you’re like me – my suns were always yellow, too. Why is that? Is the sun… Continue reading The Yellow Sun Paradox

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Examples for Natural Selection

Evolution Through Natural Selection.

The process of natural selection refers to one of the mechanisms of the evolution of the species of living beings proposed by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, from which they explained the design of nature. For example: the white fur of arctic animals that allows them to hide in the snow. Natural selection occurs… Continue reading Examples for Natural Selection

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How Do Cell Phones Work?

How Does a Mobile Phone Network Work

What Is a Cell Phone? Why Are They Called Cell Phones? How Do Cell Phones Work? Cell Phone Components. Since 1983, when telephone and radio technologies were combined, cellular telephony has ceased to be a luxury exclusive to the wealthy. Cell Phones become an accessory that fulfills basic communication functions. Why Are They Called Cell… Continue reading How Do Cell Phones Work?

Earth Day – International Mother Earth Day

Earth Day - interdependence between its many ecosystems and the living beings that inhabit it.

Earth Day, officially known as International Mother Earth Day, occurs every year on April 22nd. The celebration of Mother Nature helps to highlight to the world’s population and governments the dangers facing our ecosystems due to the improper use of their natural resources. Why is Earth Day celebrated? International Mother Earth Day was born from… Continue reading Earth Day – International Mother Earth Day

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What is Static Electricity?

How does static electricity work.

Have you ever touched someone or something and noticed a small electric shock? This is static electricity. You’re probably wondering what it is or how you can eliminate it. We have the answer in today’s post. It is a discharge of electricity that was accumulated in some material and has found an escape route through… Continue reading What is Static Electricity?


Characteristics and Main Types of Salts

The salts have some common characteristics, among them, the conduction of electric current when they are in solution and salty flavor. Salts are ionic compounds, have a salty taste, and are solid. Salts characteristics: 1 – Conduct electric current when they are in solution. 2 – Salts taste salty. 3 – The salts react with acids, with hydroxides,… Continue reading Salts