What is Radiation

What is radiation? Radiation is various types of energy in the form of particles or electromagnetic waves that travel through space. The radiation has different compositions and origins. Radiation is a physical process of emission (output) and propagation (displacement) of energy by moving particles or electromagnetic waves. This process can occur in a material mediumContinue reading “What is Radiation”

Concept of Time | Physical Quantity | THEORETICAL PHYSICS

In physical terms, time is what clocks measure. This may sound unsatisfactory, but this definition corresponds not only to our everyday understanding, but also to Einstein’s theory of relativity. Einstein, after all, said that time is relative, and by that he meant that clocks moving through space at different speeds tick at different speeds. ThisContinue reading “Concept of Time | Physical Quantity | THEORETICAL PHYSICS”

The Origin of the Moon

How was the Moon created? It is not known with certainty how the moon originated, but there are numerous theories that account for its appearance in orbit. The most widely accepted theory today says that the moon was formed by a collision between the planet Earth and a Mars-sized body. The collision happend approximately 4.6Continue reading “The Origin of the Moon”

Why Do People Laugh When They Hear a Joke?

What happens when we laugh? When listening to a joke, the kind that makes you burst out laughing, a series of vocal sounds are produced in the mouth that last 1/16 second and repeat every 1/15 second. While the sounds are being made, air is rushing out of the lungs at over 100 km/h. AContinue reading “Why Do People Laugh When They Hear a Joke?”

Who Proposed the Philosophical Idea of “I Think, Therefore I Am” (Cogito ergo sum)

“I think, therefore I am” (Cogito ergo sum) is one of the most famous phrases of the French philosopher René Descartes, which appears in his work Discourse of the Method (1637). This sentence has become one of the most famous in the history of philosophy and represents the beginning of modern rationalism. But what isContinue reading “Who Proposed the Philosophical Idea of “I Think, Therefore I Am” (Cogito ergo sum)”

Technology Definition | What is Technology

We hear about technology almost every day. Unlike the concept of science, technology seems closer to us because we recognize that we live in it all the time. We even see it in new spaces we have to cross to streamline processes and shorten times. And we also hear about it when it is blamedContinue reading “Technology Definition | What is Technology”

What Is Altruism | What Are Examples of Altruism?

We explain what altruism is, the origin of the term and what altruistic people are like. Also, what is biological altruism? Altruism Altruism is the willingness of some people to do good to others, even at the cost of their own well-being. That is, we call an altruist someone who cares enough to help othersContinue reading “What Is Altruism | What Are Examples of Altruism?”