How Long Would a Person Survive on the Moon Without a Spacesuit?

Not that such a thing could ever happen, but what if an astronaut does indeed find himself naked outside the spaceship? – The good news is that he won’t swell up until he explodes, as is commonly thought after watching some science fiction movies. What if you didn’t wear a spacesuit in space? Let’s start… Continue reading How Long Would a Person Survive on the Moon Without a Spacesuit?

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Who Discovered Electricity

Electricity is a set of physical phenomena occurring in just about everything around us. It can be found in the light bulb on the ceiling, it generates energy for our PC, TV and smartphone. Even brain cells use electricity and chemicals to communicate. However, despite the fact electricity is ubiquitous, it was not used until… Continue reading Who Discovered Electricity

What Determines the Color of a Hens’ Eggs?

Purebred chickens with white ear discs usually lay white eggs.

You may have noticed that chicken eggs shells come in different colors. Some people believe that brown-colored eggs are more nutritious than white-shelled eggs. Is this true? The eggshell is rich in calcium carbonate and acts as a chamber for the development of the embryo. Although many people believe that their color is related to… Continue reading What Determines the Color of a Hens’ Eggs?

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Is the Skin a Tissue or an Organ?

Why the skin is considered an organ?

When we study the levels of organization of the human body, we learn that cells group together to perform the same function. These groups of cells are tissues. These tissues, in turn, group to form a structure responsible for a specific function in a given system. An organ is a structure formed by several tissues.… Continue reading Is the Skin a Tissue or an Organ?

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Types of Energy

Types of energy.

We use several types of energy on a daily basis. The most important are: mechanical energy, electrical energy, thermal energy, chemical energy, nuclear energy, light energy and sound energy. Remember that energy is a concept used in several scientific areas, such as chemistry, physics and biology. It basically means the ability to produce heat or… Continue reading Types of Energy

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What Does Antifa Stand For?

What is Antifa?

Antifa is the abbreviation of anti-fascism, a political ideology. It is a mode of action adopted by some social movements. Its main objective is to resist the advance of fascism and extreme right political groups. In general, it unites people identified with left-wing theories to resist fascist ideologies, through direct political action. The antifa movement… Continue reading What Does Antifa Stand For?

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The Difference Between Sympathy & Empathy

What is the difference between empathy and sympathy psychology?

Do you know the differences between empathy and sympathy? The similarity of these terms generates confusion in most people. In this article, we’ll show you what the differences are between these two feelings. Is it better to be sympathetic or empathetic? Sympathy and empathy are about our behavior. It is about how we relate to… Continue reading The Difference Between Sympathy & Empathy

Socialism: Definition & Types

What Is Socialism.

Socialism is a political and economic philosophy that has emerged between the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. In fact, it is a reaction to the First Industrial Revolution. Based mainly on the principle of equality, the socialist movement emerged as a way of rethinking the capitalist system that prevailed at the time. When we… Continue reading Socialism: Definition & Types

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