What’s It Like Inside Jupiter?

The internal structure of Jupiter In the interior of the planet, hydrogen, helium and argon (a noble gas that accumulates on Jupiter’s surface) are progressively compressed. Molecular hydrogen is compressed in such a way that it is transformed into a metallic liquid at depths of about 15,000 km below the surface. Further down, a rockyContinue reading “What’s It Like Inside Jupiter?”

The 10 Branches of Biology: Their Goals and Characteristics

The science that deals with living things is constantly evolving and specializing. Like any self-respecting science, biology spreads its efforts across various disciplines to cover as much knowledge as possible. This is necessary because there is more and more information. The various branches of biology make it possible to narrow down and focus knowledge inContinue reading “The 10 Branches of Biology: Their Goals and Characteristics”

Science Based Facts About Human Intelligence

Intelligence is our greatest gift, yet many of us don’t know how to use it to its full potential. Everyone is more or less intelligent, unless they suffer from an intellectual disability that leads to a significant intelligence deficit. Human intelligence is a very well studied topic. Yet, there are many myths surrounding it. ThereContinue reading “Science Based Facts About Human Intelligence”

Does Hot Water Really Freeze Faster Than Cold Water?

This phenomenon, which seems completely illogical, was already observed by Aristotle himself. He noted that some inhabitants of present-day Turkey sprinkled the stakes of their palisades with hot water to safeguard them. Apparently, they did so because that way they froze faster. Francis Bacon and RenĂ© Descartes also took note of this physics curiosity. Yet,Continue reading “Does Hot Water Really Freeze Faster Than Cold Water?”

Highest and Lowest Temperature in the Universe?

We will start by explaining the physical phenomenon on which the temperature that something can have depends. When the particles of an object move a lot, they generate heat, and the entity has a higher temperature. When particles move less, there is less heat, and the thing is colder. We can imagine a point whereContinue reading “Highest and Lowest Temperature in the Universe?”

What Is the Farthest Thing That Can Be Seen With the Naked Eye

You surely expect that now we will go about explaining what a tangent is, how human sight works and how we calculate the distance to the horizon. But no. We all know perfectly well that the most distant objects that can be seen with the naked eye have to be in space. In that case,Continue reading “What Is the Farthest Thing That Can Be Seen With the Naked Eye”

Imagine Having the Ability to Get a 3D Printed Organ

Well, a team of biomedical engineers from Carnegie Mellon University is bringing us closer to that reality. This heart mimics the structure and elasticity of the real thing. The invention promises advances in the medical field, and future iterations may one day save someone’s life. The First Life-Size Flexible 3D Human Heart Additive manufacturing printersContinue reading “Imagine Having the Ability to Get a 3D Printed Organ”

Can you get sick from eating moldy cheese?

Just the thought of putting something in our mouths that contains mold makes us gag, and rightfully so, because our bodies have developed mechanisms to keep us from eating foods that can be dangerous to our health, and mold can be that. What happens if we accidentally bite into something with mold or eat partContinue reading “Can you get sick from eating moldy cheese?”

Five Most Dangerous Substances in the World

Nature is full of chemical compounds that could kill us in the blink of an eye. And it gets worse when humans create new ones. These are the most dangerous chemicals you can encounter: Chlorine Trifluoride (ClF3) This compound was studied by the Nazis under the name “Substance N”. The Nazis initially used to literallyContinue reading “Five Most Dangerous Substances in the World”

Researchers Created the First Map of Bee Species Around the World

When it comes to bees, many people think of the honey bee and maybe also the bumblebee. According to scientists, there are more species of bees than birds and mammals combined. Researchers from China, the USA and Singapore have now created the first map showing all bee species worldwide. The map was published on NovemberContinue reading “Researchers Created the First Map of Bee Species Around the World”