How to Use a PS5 Keyboard and Mouse

Entering passwords and searching for content in apps is difficult with the Dual-sense controller on the PS5 Console. If you want, you can usually connect a keyboard and mouse to make things easier when playing games.

Keyboard and mouse can’t be used in games that don’t explicitly support them. As of the writing of this article, no PS5 games support keyboards or mice. Thus, you can only play PS4 Console games on PS5 that are backward compatible, and use PS5 apps like:

  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • etc

Here are the instructions for connecting a keyboard and mouse to the PS5 just as you can with the PS4:

PS5 Keyboard and Mouse Connection

Playing on a console is mostly relaxing, so controllers are usually more comfortable than a mouse and keyboard. Players will also be able to reach all of the buttons around them with controllers, making it easier to perform stunning combos.

PlayStation 5 notify when the keyboard or mouse is connected to the console.
PlayStation 5 will notify you when the keyboard or mouse is connected to the console.

Pairing a wireless Bluetooth keyboard or mouse with the PS5 will allow you to have a clutter-free desk. How to connect a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard to a PlayStation 5.

On your PS5, select the “Settings” gear-shaped icon from the top-left corner to open it.

PS5 Settings icon.
PS5 gear-shaped icon.

To open it, scroll down and select “Accessories”.

Accessories PS5 Settings
PS5 Accessories

Select “Bluetooth Accessories” under “General.”

Bluetooth Accessories
Bluetooth Accessories Settings

Connect your Bluetooth keyboard or mouse to the console by setting it to pairing mode.

It’s similar to connecting your Dual Sense controller to your PlayStation 5. In order to play games on the PS5, I recommend using a wired connection. This is because the PS5 has a latency issue with Bluetooth. Keep that in mind.

Use the USB port to connect

Your mouse and keyboard will connect easily if you have a wired connection. Basically, it’s plug-and-play.

To connect a mouse and keyboard to the PS5 through its USB port, follow these steps:

  • Turn on your console
  • Plug your keyboard into the USB port
Playstation 5 usb port
Playstation 5 USB port
  • Connect your mouse via USB A

To see if your keyboard and mouse are working, open any keyboard and mouse supported game on your PS5.

If you are attempting to use a PS5 keyboard and mouse, you might want to look at the instruction manual. You might need to use the switch or lift to manually change how the device communicates with the computer.

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