Are people evolving towards something more intelligent?

Humans are still evolving—and we can watch it happen.
people will spend more and more time in virtual reality. The changes are said to be as profound as the evolutionary gap between apes and humans.

Are people evolving towards something more intelligent? Is it in human genes that people will become smarter in the next generations?.

My guess is that the gap between intelligent and intellectually challenged people is widening. While the average value remains unchanged.

As far as genes are concerned, evolution works by certain genetically determined traits leading to increased reproduction rates. Intelligence is not one of these traits – neither Sheldon nor Amy 🙂 are likely to have an above-average number of offspring.

Intelligence is no longer needed for survival either. Since technical measures have been taken to make even the most stupid actions (like blow-drying in the bathtub) compatible with survival.

If there were a definition of intelligence, it would be easier to argue about evolution.

Nowhere in the genes is it specified how future generations will differ from the current one. This is a selection process: Which individuals have the greatest chance of success under the prevailing and possibly changing conditions?.

Their genes then have the best chance of being represented in large numbers in subsequent generations. For our ancestors, a certain intelligence seemed to be an advantage, so we got a little bit of it. However, the development that the human brain has undergone also has disadvantages:

  • High energy requirement of the comparatively large brain.
  • Difficulty at birth due to the necessarily large skull already in the baby.

It’s easy to imagine that these are reasons that make even higher computing power a disadvantage.

Smarter, healthier, stronger and always happy

Transhumanists want to push the boundaries of biology and optimize humans with all available means. Humanity is gaining time to use biotechnology and robotics to develop into smarter and more robust beings – a posthuman species.

Are humans still subject to evolution?

Of course, this development doesn’t just stop. So how will humans develop? Could there be an evolutionary trend?.

I found various approaches to this. Including a publication by the evolutionary anthropologist Cadell Last from the Global Brain Institute. The GBI in Brussels is assessing the impact that the Internet will have on people.

The World Wide Web is de facto one of the strongest influences for profound changes in the near future.

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