Alex Jones Jumps Out of Seat As Plaintiffs’ Attorney Addresses Him

During Kyle Farrar’s closing argument, Alex Jones appeared to jump out of his seat. The attorney representing the Sandy Hook family exposes Alex Jones’ dishonesty during a brutal cross-examination.

Alex Jones defamation trial

A Texas court heard Alex Jones’s dishonest answers during a cross-examination by a lawyer for a pair of Sandy Hook parents. The parents have asked the jury to award $150 million in damages.

The plaintiffs’ attorney disclosed evidence proving Jones had lied during the discovery process that he had never texted about the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting.

Bankston said that Jones’ attorney had sent him two years of text message records, and that they showed that Jones had texted about the Sandy Hook shooting. Jones claimed he had never seen the text messages.

Alex Jones Defamation Trial: Sandy Hook ‘Hoax’ Lawsuit – Day Seven, Part Two. #AlexJones

Jones baselessly said in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting that the incident was staged. He has since acknowledged the shooting occurred.

Jones was asked whether he had connected the judge overseeing the trial to human trafficking, and when he denied having done so, Bankston played a video of an Infowars video which did just that.

Gamble told the witness that he must tell the truth while he testifies, but the witness violated his oath twice.

The defense rested its case and closing arguments got underway, and the jury could potentially decide how much to award the Sandy Hook parents this week.

Mark Bankston

Mark Bankston disclosed to Jones and the court that he had recently acquired evidence proving Jones had lied.

Bankston said that Jones’ attorney had sent him two years of cell phone records that showed that Jones had in fact texted about the Sandy Hook shooting.

Bankston played video for the court of an Infowars video in which Jones attacked Maya Guerra Gamble’s prior work for Child Protective Services for “working for pedophilia” and “human trafficking”.


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