Potatoes for fries – What potatoes are good for fries

Chef cuts potatoes for French fries.

What kind of potatoes are used to make French fries?

What potatoes for french fries are good? Medium sized and cooked potatoes should be used. Did you know that French fries taste better if you fry them twice briefly instead of just one more time? Here you will find all the info on how to make French fries yourself.

For salty potato snacks you do not have to go directly to the nearest chip shop, because you can also prepare golden sticks in your own kitchen. Which potatoes are good for fries depends on your taste! 

Make your own fries with potatoes from potato store

With the potatoes for fries from the potato store you can make your own fries. Here we show an overview of the potatoes that you can use to make your own fries.

If we are talking about a variety of potato that is really suitable for French fries, it is a Bintje or Frieslander. The two varieties are similar and both are great for fries. We recommend ordering large potatoes of this variety so you can make nice sized fries.

Finally, no more bright, greasy fries that can’t be dunked upright in the mayonnaise or ketchup without bending to the side. There’s no need to even talk about crispy skin. What no fries lover likes, moreover, are overly crispy fries that are completely dried out from the inside and no longer have an inner life. So what do your favorite fries look like, and more importantly, what must they taste like? There are several ways to prepare these delicious potato sticks. 

We trust your homemade fries will be even tastier than from your favorite fast food restaurant! 

French fries from the oven

Another way to prepare fries is to bake them in the oven. To do this, dip the potato sticks in oil and place them on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. (Already one tablespoon of oil is enough for one tray of fries) more information about fries in the oven can be found in our fries recipes.

French fries from the deep fryer

Deep frying can give the fries the desired crispy consistency. To ensure that the fries are golden brown and crispy on the outside, but still soft and juicy on the inside, we recommend that you deep-fry the fries twice. Fries deep fried in peanut oil are also very aromatic and gives them a delicious side taste! 

But what potatoes for fries are good now?

Almost all potatoes can be used as French fries and for preparation. Here it depends on the right strength. If you want them to be creamy inside, simply select waxy potatoes. You prefer the fries a little “fluffier”, you can use floury potatoes. 

If you want to keep the shape, you can use different firm cooking varieties that do not have quite so much starch. Compared to floury potatoes, they have a relatively low starch content. Cut French fries into sticks of the same size (7-9 mm). Do you like them crispy? Then slice the fries thinly. However, if you like them juicy, then you should cut them a little thicker. 

Make fries yourself

The optimum temperature for deep-frying French fries is 190°C. They will be even better if you fry them for a few minutes at 150°C in the first pass and only in the second pass really crispy at 190°C until the desired brownness.

  • Hold the handle of the cooking spoon in the fat. If the bubbles rise immediately, it is the right temperature.
  • Briefly water the fries before frying. This dissolves the outer starch and they do not stick together during processing.
  • Do not add too many fries to the fat at one time.
  • Use a strainer or to loosen the fat from French fries.

How to make chips yourself?

Under the menu item Recipes you will learn how to make delicious fries yourself. We will show you how we make our own fries. The most important ingredient is, of course, the potato. To make your own fries, you can always use one of the varieties mentioned above, but varieties like Bildtstar and Nicola are also suitable for making fries. The Nicola variety is a potato that is quite firm. A very firm potato always needs more time to cook and to become crispy. A Bildtstar is very similar to the Frieslander variety, but even a little firmer.

Make your own fries with Air fryer

Although most people still use an airfryer to make French fries, there are also more and more people who have an air fryer. With an Air fryer, you can also make your own delicious fries.

What should be the ideal fries?

To get the perfect fries, the potato sticks must meet the following conditions:

  • They should be extra crispy, but not too crispy.
  • The inside of the fries is fluffy and has a real potato flavor.
  • They are cooked evenly and the fries are golden brown.
  • French fries should keep their shape until the plate is empty. You should not hang your head too quickly.

If all these requirements are met, these fries can be eaten with pleasure and fingers. What type of potato is best for french fries?

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