12 Websites to Learn How to Program or Code

How to learn how to code.
How to learn how to code?

How To Learn Programming Code? Coding is a skill that few people mastered a few years ago, but today this has changed, because even if you are not an expert, it is valued as a plus skill; it is even useful to understand what you are doing when you modify a website, an application or software. That’s why we present you this guide with 12 websites where you can learn programming for free.

How to Learn How to Code


This educational company taught more than 45 million people to code in a variety of languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL, and Bash / Shell, Python, Ruby, and C ++.


This platform is one of the most popular in terms of online learning, it has free versions and other paid versions, the good thing about this site is the excellent teachers you can find.


This site is also very popular in the digital world and is about collaboration, as it is actually a place to share projects and programs, host code and upload more files related to the subject. It became a forum to exchange ideas with other programmers.


It is a specialized site – as its name implies – in non-profit courses, and offers more than 1000 programs to learn. Although there are some exclusive payments, many others are free and you can opt for a certification to learn how to program or code.


Harvard University and MIT founded this open source platform. This raises the level of learning as well as its quality. Currently 53 schools are affiliated with it.

Code School

This platform has free courses and other paid courses, but the interesting thing is the learning path, since you can define it according to the languages ​​and skills you want, then the practices and lessons are equivalent to points that you can exchange for badges.


This site is an independent application developer that brings together computer programs from institutions such as Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley, and Columbia and turns them into introductory programming courses.

MIT OpenCourseware

As its name implies, it belongs to the MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) and offers free computer science courses, which includes general theories and languages ​​such as Java, MatLab and C and C ++.


Like GitHub, it consists of a community of prestigious developers such as Bram Cohen, Hakon Wium, Ryan Bubinski, or Janet Wiener. There is nothing better to learn from the experts who share their experience.

Free Code Camp

This site allows you to learn while developing competitive skills, since it has access to tutorials and courses, but it consists mainly of solving challenges that help you build a community of programmers.


This site is teaching programming, either in a regular study plan or taking an isolated tutorial. The best thing is that there are different approaches for students from kids up to a college level.

Web Fundamentals by Google

  • This site was previously known as HTML5 Rocks
  • Created by Google
  • This website is a very useful resource for those who have intermediate or advanced knowledge
  • The latest programming trends, endorsed by Google will represent a plus for your project to develop.

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