Robots: a new model of relationship and ways of interacting with machines

Human AI robot relationships.
Consequences of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Human relationship with machines involves understanding each other and reinventing ourselves.

There is no longer any doubt that, on the one hand:

  • Machines increase efficiency
  • Avoid mistakes
  • And simplify human life

But on the other hand, they are also:

  • Competing with humans for certain functions
  • Automation is advancing inexorably

Nothing new under the sun… Throughout history, all professions have had to redefine themselves with the introduction of robots and AI, computer science and, more recently, the digital revolution, but artificial intelligence and machine learning now present an additional challenge. The question is no longer just to what extent technology can support the tasks performed by humans, but whether it can replace them.

Recently, then, there has been a return to humanism and emotion as a true technological revolution. A robot can never imitate the true essence and different value of humans. It is true that artificial intelligence is “on the right track,” but there is still a long way to go.

For a robot, there is always a certain pattern, it sticks to a script. Humans, on the other hand, are unpredictable: their brains evolve over the course of their lives and histories, each person’s experiences mature them, they adapt to the environment and feel something different at every moment.

Because of this, we can complement each other. As I said at the beginning of this article, in the short term we are “doomed” to understand each other, which requires a high degree of emotional intelligence on our part. But we will also need to reinvent ourselves in the medium term to strengthen our talents with respect to machines.

Robots: a different model of relationships and new profiles are needed

Only in this way can we build a new model of relationships sustainable over time, where ethical guidelines in the field of artificial intelligence, are essential to ensure a positive impact on society and put people at the center.

New macro functional profiles:

  1. Developers: analytical and methodical people who are able to apply abstract thinking and solve complex problems. Their task will be to program the behavioral models of robots and establish guidelines for their operation based on programming algorithms.
  2. Robot Trainer: the goal is to ensure a smooth relationship between the robot and the human and to connect the two worlds. They will use machine learning to overcome the enormous challenge of getting machines to learn from their mistakes. Also, to develop self-management skills on their own.
  3. Discoverers: whose strength lies in disruptive thinking and their ability to build bridges between different fields of knowledge. Their task will be to chart new paths, break new ground, and conquer new terrain that technology has not yet reached.

All three require a combination of the ability to:

  • Constantly acquire knowledge
  • Adapt immediately
  • Flexibly to technological advances
  • Foundation of soft skills such as curiosity and improvisation

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