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Diablo Immortal REVIEW! | New Diablo Game

I’ve been playing Diablo Immortal on my cell phone, and I gotta say it’s very bad. It’s free to play, pay to win, and has a lot of bad aspects.

Diablo Immortal REVIEW

Diablo Immortal is a strange game that sits between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 on the timeline. It has a simplistic design, very dumb enemies, and easy combat, and it’s made to be tapped at for 30 minutes a day and then completely forgotten.

This game controls via touch, and it’s intended for cell phones. You can play as a Barbarian, Crusader, Necromancer, or Wizard.

You’re going to notice that everything in this game dies super fast and that everything is based on a cooldown system. You can also summon skeletons and ghosts to help you escape or do a bone scythe.

In free-to-play games, you want people to level up so they can buy cosmetics, costumes, and spell effects. Still, you can also completely break the experience by buying crests and enchantments.

In Diablo, you can buy crests to further enhance randomized dungeons, giving them more bonuses, more loot, and better rewards. You get a free crest every day, but you have to pay real money if you want the best crests.

Gems and enchantments can make your gear deal out additional damage, stun enemies, and create passive shields that absorb damage.

The Diablo Immortal Game is Unfair

Diablo Immortal is unfair because the game wants you to get to the end game tier as quickly as possible. So you get a level every five or six minutes if you’re leveling a lot.

The game has tons of randomized content, like Diablo’s randomized maps and quests.

People will ask you to go and take out a particular monster or try and save a particular objective in Sanctuary. It feels more natural because people are just perpetually dropping into your world.

This game has many dungeon-based systems, where you can either form a party with randomized players, invite specific friends, or increase the difficulty. It still feels very much like a cell phone game, however.

I tried Diablo Immortal, but I couldn’t imagine spending microtransactions or playing for longer than a single day. So please don’t mess up Diablo 4 and make a real game instead.

Before You Buy

Diablo Immortal (PC, iOS, Android) is the free-to-play mobile version of Diablo.

We played Diablo Immortal, a free-to-play version of the Diablo game, and gave our first impressions. We think it’s fun, but we don’t know if it’s gonna win any favor with the hardcore crowd.

I played mostly mobile, but I did pop on PC and play it with a controller and touchscreen controls. It’s pretty easy to play and addictive, like Intro 101 to Diablo.

Combat is satisfying, the abilities look impressive, and loot drops often. And there are some cool death animations, like when enemies claw at their faces and then explode and when enemies slowly turn to stone.

The environments are cool, the loop seems somewhat satisfying, and the story is okay. The part that bothered me was when the story tried to explain a magical rare crest item that I needed to modify my rift for more bonuses.

All the main gameplay, dungeons, PVP, and raids are free. However, cosmetics, an upgraded battle pass, crafting materials, and overly complicated item and currency systems are all available for purchase.

Some folks might not mind this stuff, but it’s just annoying and overly convoluted for me. It’s not bad for the main game, but it seems more of a grind machine for the end game.

It’s still early in the game

We don’t know how bad monetization truly is. If I play a game for 80 hours and then there’s a hint that the monetization will be bad, I lose interest.

The other thing they need to figure out is the account stuff. If you buy stuff like cosmetics or battle pass rewards, that stuff is locked to your single character or server, which seems not a very good decision.

The rest of the game is pretty darn good. I love the enemies, the classes, the streamlined gameplay and menus, the sound effects, the beautiful and expansive city hub, and even the community interactions.

I will give you some pros, cons, and personal opinions. I also ask for your opinion on Diablo Immortal, if you’re playing it, how you’re feeling, what class you’re rolling with, and how you’ve been playing with friends.

We hope these videos helped you out.

Gigabyte Has Introduced a Kit for Building a Wireless Gaming PC

Gigabyte’s new Project Stealth Kit allows users to hide cables inside their gaming PCs.

Video: Introducing AORUS Project Stealth Gigabyte Gaming PC build. Product Overview. Made By: AORUS.

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Gigabyte’s Wireless Gaming PC

Gigabyte and Maingear announced Project Stealth, including a motherboard with all connections on the back, a case with appropriate cutouts, and a GPU with a power connector on the underside.

Maingear will be selling a complete pre-built system for Project Stealth, which includes:

  • Z690 Aorus Elite Stealth motherboard
  • RTX 3070 Gaming OC Stealth GPU
  • Aorus C300G Stealth Case

Gigabyte’s announcement refers to a 2011 patent held by Maingear chief executive Wallace Santos, and the two companies are working together on a cable-free build.

Project Stealth

Project Stealth gives you a new way to build your PC. No wires or cables to clutter your desktop, a faster assembly time, smoother airflow, and better performance. You can have a cableless desktop PC.

Project Stealth Gigabyte’s Wireless Gaming PC
Project Stealth

Your PC will be crowned with spectacular Alder Lake’s performance in all its gaming glory, backed by the most robust power delivery and dominant thermal design.

The case has been re-designed to fit the headers on the motherboard’s backside. In addition, there are now power connectors underneath the graphics card. So you can hide the power cable on the other side of the case.

A new design makes it easier to attach the board’s 8-pin power connector. In addition, finding the right cable management option is easier now.

In addition to being a game-changing initiative, Project Stealth also illustrates that GIGABYTE is user-centric.

I haven’t purchased anything Gigabyte-branded for maybe 15 years. Anyhow, putting all that aside, I’ve got to say that this looks interesting.

Gigabyte Gaming PC Build

AORUS Z690 AORUS ELITE STEALTH motherboard with GeForce RTX 3070 GAMING OC 8G STEALTH graphics card and AORUS C300G STEALTH case, with 1 x Z690 Socket LGA 1700 CPU cooler, supports 6 SATA 6Gb/s connectors and 1 x PCI-E x16 slot.

AORUS Project Stealth delivers a revolutionary building experience for DIY users with: 

  • virtually no wire and cable cluttering
  • a faster assembly time
  • smoother directional airflow
  • and better performance

The Project Stealth computer assembly kit eliminates cable clutters and obstructed airflow, making building a PC with an elegant exterior profile easy.

How to Play Pokémon GO Without Moving

How to play Pokémon GO without moving. All your friends do nothing but talk about Pokémon GO, a game for cell phones and tablets, through which it is possible to become Pokémon trainers, capturing the famous Nintendo monsters.

However, did you know that to play this title, you must walk around the city, in the real world, to reach some points of interest. But you’re a bit lazy and you’re looking for a technological solution to play this title even when you’re at home.

That’s why, in this tutorial, I’m going to teach How to play Pokémon GO without moving. In fact, during this guide I will explain in detail what solutions are available for you to succeed in the intention you have proposed, by using some official features of the game, but also by using some workarounds.

How to play Pokémon GO without moving, step by step.

Introductory information.

If you are wondering How to play Pokémon GO without moving, I must first let you know that Pokémon GO is a game for Android and iOS designed to play away from home and on the move.

In this regard, the main solutions to play the game are adamantly proposed by some users on the Web, in relation to software and / or third-party applications that simulate changing the GPS position, as they violate the terms and conditions of use of the service.

In addition, according to what Niantic (the game’s manufacturer) said in the official Pokémon GO FAQ, by making use of these solutions, it is possible to get a temporary or even permanent ban on your account, as they are considered cheat tools.

That said, if you still want to play Pokémon GO while at home, because, at the moment, you can not leave your home or move, you will be happy to know that it is still possible, by using some official solutions that I’m going to talk about in detail and that are available in the game.

Play Pokémon GO without walking

Pokémon GO is a game for Android and iOS / iPadOS that aims to make players real Pokémon trainers. Pokémon can be caught with virtual Poké Balls, walking the streets of your city.

To play Pokémon GO it is necessary to activate GPS on your cell phone / tablet and, keeping the game app open, keep moving, walking in the real world, in order to discover the points of interest marked on the game map and capture them.

However, Niantic is aware of the fact that players are sometimes unable to move (for example, in bad weather or, because of a global pandemic – who knows). And has introduced some official solutions that allow you to play Pokémon GO, without leaving home.

I refer to the use of use of lures: objects obtained in the game by completing levels, or purchased through the store. Thanks to these objects, it is possible to capture Pokémon even without moving from your position.

In addition, by activating the Synchro Adventure mode and granting permissions to connect to the health app on iOS or Google Fit on Android, you can get weekly rewards even when the game is closed, as it will track the steps taken.

That said, to take advantage of these official solutions, first launch the Pokémon GO app by pressing its icon found on the home screen. Now, log in to your account, if necessary, then make sure you have enabled location services on your device.

Now, you need to use bait modules (lures), to lure Pokémon to your position, so you can catch them more easily. To take advantage of this, press the Poké Ball Icon located on the main screen of the game, after which, in the menu that is displayed, tap the item Bag and press the object named incense or bait modules in relation to the type of Pokémon to be caught.

Then place this object on the map, near your position, to apply its effect.

Consequently, the evoked Pokémon will appear on the map and you can capture it using the Poké Ball.

These add-ons, you can buy them in store : the incense costs 80 coins each, while the bait modules cost 200 coins each.

To enable Synchro Adventure, instead, click on the Poké Ball Icon, then tap on the item settings, in the menu that is displayed to you. Now, check the item SynchroAdventure and confirm the option by pressing the allow button.

Also, be sure to grant permission to Pokémon GO to access the data from the health app on iOS or those of Google Fit on Android. Finally, check the items for Synchro Adventure: distance and Synchro Adventure: surroundings, to receive notifications of new rewards obtained.

To work, however, Synchro Adventure requires you to perform the movement: therefore, if you could not move and did not even have the opportunity to use the incense or of the bait module, check out the workarounds that I will talk about in the next paragraphs.

Other solutions to play Pokémon GO without moving

In addition to the official solutions I mentioned in the previous chapter, there are also some workarounds you can use to play Pokémon GO without moving. For more information on this, please refer to the instructions I am going to give you.

Play Pokémon GO at home

Even on a limited basis, you can play Pokémon GO at home.

To be successful, you must launch the game app on your device, as well as make sure you have GPS enabled. Once this is done, all you have to do is move from one point to another in the house: by doing so, new items may appear on the map to interact with, in order to capture new Pokémon as well.

You can repeat this operation even when you are in a friend’s house, especially if your house is particularly large: in fact, by moving inside it, it is also possible to capture Pokémon or interact with the items that appear on the map.

Play Pokémon GO in the car

Another alternative solution to play Pokémon GO without moving is to enable GPS and start the app on Android and iOS / iPadOS when you are in the car.

In this way, you can first move faster from one point to another, to reach places of interest, as well as make new items appear on the map.

Obviously, in this specific case, I remind you that there absolutely must be someone else driving the car: never play Pokémon GO while driving, to avoid dangerous accidents.

Play Pokémon GO on public transportation.

As an alternative to the solutions listed above, you can play Pokémon GO even when you are on public transport. In this way, thanks to surface transport or subway (where the Internet connection is available), you have the possibility to move, to reach the points of interest indicated on the virtual map of the game developed by Niantic.

Moreover, even in this case, you may be able to catch Pokémon that appear on the map, as your position will be updated and new items will appear with which you can interact. Have fun!

Steam “Remote Play Together” – usage details (sound, controllers, games)

Steam has for some time now offered the possibility of inviting a friend to a Local COOP session via the Internet (called “Remote Play Together”). This is done by using your own computer both as host for your own game (started via Steam) and at the same time for the calculations for the invited friend to join the game. (Here is the link to the website and support of Remote Play Together.)

Steam co op remote play together.
Steam co op remote play together.

The info pages of Steam/Valve or the reports of various websites about “Remote Play Together” only address RPT superficially and sometimes not at all, I would like to explain in more detail in the following.  (I have collected my information from various places/websites/forums and tried them out myself. When I talk about “controller” in the following, I mean “gamepad” (in my case the XBOX 360 controller). In the following I have abbreviated “Remote Play Together” as ‘RPT‘.

Which games support Remote Play Together / Where can I look it up?

The ‘RPT’ function is only usable if the respective developer has integrated it into his game. There are three ways
(as a player) to find out which games support RPT:

  1. Based on the Steam info page, various games are mentioned which support the ‘RPT’ function.
  2. The Steam Store page of each game will tell you if that game supports the ‘RPT’ feature.
  3. (Only useful for already purchased games; Also my preferred method: ) You create a dynamic tag in your library and select “Remote Play Together” as filter.

The sound problem with the client (i.e. the invited player)

First of all you have to consider that, in contrast to the misleading statements on the info page of the Steam-Launcher (about ‘RPT’), the game sound can only be transmitted in stereo format via the stream. (See the support page) This means that if the host (i.e. the person inviting to the game) has selected the 5.1 format in the sound output settings, the client (i.e. the invited player) will only receive stereo sound.

Secondly, the following sound settings must be taken into account so that the client can generally also receive game sound:

  • Under Sound Settings in the Operating System > Sound Output > Extended: 16 Bit at 48000 Hz (1 KHz are also possible for some games. Some titles will probably work with 24Bit.
  • Since some games have problems with the output of 6-channel sound (from the host, in connection with ‘RPT’), the 2-channel/stereo sound should be set on the host – in the operating system or in the audio tool.

Remote Play Together: Controller Usage and Support

Playing via/with the use of ‘RPT’ runson only one computer (namely the one of the game starter/inviting player), the following things have to be considered:

  • On the computer there is only the assignment for one keyboard+mouse and possibly (depending on the game) for several controllers.
  • From the point of view of Steam/’RPT’, the following results can be seen: If the host plays with M+T, the client can only play with controller. If at the same time the host has released its M+T (which is what the ‘RPT’ dialog box allows you to set from the start of the stream), the client will be able to interact with the game via its M+T, but it will interfere with the host’s control.
  • To play as a host with the controller, you must set Steam to Big Picture Mode before you start the game and invite your friend/co-player to ‘RPT’. In this case, ‘RPT’ will assign the M+T control to the other player by default. However, there are also exceptions in games where the recognition of multiple controllers has been implemented and the controller can then be recognized/interpreted as a controller in the normal way.

The following scenarios arise:

Scenario Host/creator then uses… Client/co-player then uses…
(1.) Game start/invite from Steam (normal) M+T control Controller control
(additionally the M+T control of the host can be shared)
(2.) Game start/invite from Steam (Big Picture Mode) Controller control Variant a); The M+T control of the host is shared:
M+T control Variant b); M+T control of the host are NOT shared:
Interaction via controller, but interpreted as M+T control (*)*In games, with detection of multiple controllers at Local COOP, the controller can be detected as a controller by the game. (From the point of view of ‘RPT’, the client is nevertheless only assigned M+T control).


RPT’ for single player games and problematic games

Since ‘RPT’ uses the local COOP mode of a game, the question arises, how to play together in single player games (or in pure multiplayer mode). –>I have no answer to this question yet. For example, Jedi Knight Academy or Star Wars Republic Commando support ‘RPT’. But only offer a pure singleplayer and pure multiplayer mode.

Other games, like Redout, don’t make it easy in other respects: For an incomprehensible reason, the connection to the client/player is somewhat unstable during Redout. And although the M+T control of the host was released, the client/player could not access it.

Unsolicited Voice Chat

When starting ‘RPT’, there is usually an unsolicited start of the voice chat. This can be stopped (and sometimes it stops by itself), but unfortunately it cannot be prevented by the steam settings.

In addition, voice chat often does not end in Big Picture Mode. I suspect that the voice chat (in combination with ‘RPT’) from the Big Picture Mode is bugged.