The 10 Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

Most intelligent cat breeds.
There are not many studies that determine the range of intelligence of cats, regardless of their breed.

Are some cats more intelligent than others? | Cats share their life with the people who care for them, establishing a very strong bond with them. They communicate outstandingly, both by gestures and by making sounds. In addition, these animals have no problem surviving in the wild. They are good hunters and adapt to any type of life.

All domestic cats share these characteristics and are highly intelligent. However, some breeds display a quite outstanding wit. Do you want to know which ones? If so, don’t miss this article on the smartest cat breeds around the world.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon cat is the official feline breed of the state of Maine, in the United States. Despite their beauty, these felines were naturally selected as working cats. On the farms of Maine they served as the best rodent hunters, capable of withstanding the freezing northern winters. These cats are very large, intelligent and have a dense fur.

Maine Coon cats are one of the most intelligent breeds of cats in the world. They have an extraordinary facility to learn all kinds of tricks and are as easy to train. In addition, despite their imposing size, they are extraordinarily gentle and sociable, making them not only good home companions, but also magnificent therapy cats.

American Bobtail

Despite their wild appearance, American bobtails are one of the most affectionate type of felines. They establish very strong ties with their family and greatly enjoy their company. These cats show great intelligence and empathy, having fun in good times and offer love and affection through hard times.

They are very calm and docile, but also enjoy interactive games, including home games and outdoor sports. These cats love to go out for a walk as they are very outgoing and sociable with strangers, including other furry four-legged ones.

A multicolored striped American Bobtail cat standing on grass

Siamese Cat

Known for its astonishing color and blue eyes, the Siamese cat is one of the oldest and most popular breeds. This feline stands out for being the most communicative and talkative. He does not hesitate to answer us and tell us what he wants through numerous vocalizations and gestures. It is often referred to as the “one person cat”. They are known to “choose” a favorite person with whom they forge a close relationship. These cats love to interact with humans and to participate in all family activities.

Many consider the Siamese as the most intelligent breed of cat in the world. In fact, it is the only cat breed that has a scientific staff member. In 1975, the physicist Hetherington added his cat Chester as a co-author of a scientific paper under the pseudonym F. D. C. Willard. The cat even signed copies of the publication with his footprint.

A Siamese cat with bright blue eyes sitting on a chair.

Japanese Bobtail

In addition to its short tail, the Japanese bobtail is characterized as one of the most intelligent breeds of cats in the world. As can be seen in their alert eyes, these cats are full of life. They are very playful and love to climb, jump and solve puzzles. For this reason, it is easy to train them, and they quickly become the kings of feline sports.

They also use their intelligence to be the center of family life. These cats are always aware of everything we do and do not hesitate to call our attention to be part of it. It is because this breed is one of the most sociable ones out there. They love being around people, including our guests and other animals.

A snow white Japanese Bobtail on a blue background

Bengal Cat

The wild appearance of the Bengal cat has made it a very popular breed. Its appearance is due to the fact that it is a hybrid cat. It originated from a cross between the domestic cat and the Asian leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis).

In this way, a breed with the intelligence of wild cats and the loving nature of domestic cats was achieved. It is one of the most active and athletic breeds. Despite their wild origins, they have no difficulty learning basic orders and house rules.

European Burmese

The European Burmese cat is the perfect home companion. It is a calm, friendly and affectionate feline. These cats love to snuggle next to us on the couch, but also enjoy playing and participate in our activities. They don’t like being alone at all, so they follow us around the house, watching us closely and constantly try to get our attention.

These cats quickly become the center of attention for our guests and their pets. It is their empathy and their ability to socialize that renders them as one of the most intelligent breeds of cats in the world.

A light brown European Burmese cat with yellow eyes looking at the camera

Khao Manee

Also known as the Diamond Eye cat, is a rare breed of cat originating in Thailand. In its homeland it is considered as a talisman of good luck. The breed’s clear and luminous eyes inform us about his intelligence.

The Khao manee cat is an excellent rodent hunter that was naturally selected, so it retains the typical curiosity of the oldest breeds. In addition, they are characterized by being devoted to their family, whom they accompany everywhere.

A white Khao manee cat with one blue and one orange eye
The 10 most intelligent cat breeds – Khao manee


The lykoi or werewolf cat is a fairly recent breed that comes from a colony of cats in the United States. Its most particular characteristic is its fur, which lacks an undercoat. Its solid black roan coat gives it a rough and messy appearance.

Due to the lack of protective hair layer, this feline is considered to be a very homey pet. Therefore, he has a loving character and enjoys interactive games a lot. However, its lineage comes from stray cats, so it maintains the typical intelligence of those felines that are forced to survive without human help.

The Lykoi cat with a warewolf appearance jumping while looking at the camera, most intelligent cat breeds.

European Shorthair

The European Shorthair is the most common house cat. It originated following the domestication of the African wild cat (Felis lybica). Later it was distributed all over the world, giving rise to other cat breeds.

There is no doubt that these felines possess natural intelligence that allowed them to get along with humans. This is the reason we welcomed them into our homes in the first place. Due to the age of this breed, many of its members have been able to demonstrate their ingenuity. Stubbs, the honorary mayor of Talkeetna (Alaska) is one of the most notable representatives of the breed. This is also the case with the first cat in space, Félicette, who returned to Earth by parachuting.

An European Shorthair striped cat resting on the floor
The 10 Most Intelligent Cat Breeds – European Cat

Turkish Angora

In Turkey, people consider their Angora cats as a national treasure, something that is easy to agree on. Its beauty and intelligence are making it, little by little, one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. This feline is very versatile and adapts easily to different lifestyles.

The Turkish Angora cat enjoys all kinds of company, including children and dogs. Due to their outgoing and affectionate nature, they are considered one of the most intelligent breeds of cats in the world. However, they can become quite bossy, which is why they quickly become the alpha cat of the house.

Most intelligent cat breeds: A white Turkish Angora cat with luxurious fur and bright blue eyes

In this article we discussed the smartest cat breeds, but this list is not complete without mentioning other unique breeds. For example, the Turkish Van who is very energetic, playful and fun-loving. The Devon Rex who is active and will delight its human companions by giving enchanting playful performances. The dignified and docile Persian cats who are known for their discriminating affection. Finally, the Scottish Fold who is very intelligent, sweet-tempered, soft-spoken, and easily adaptable to new people and situations.


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