New Cairo – Why Egypt Is Building a New Capital City?

New Cairo. Egypt is building a new capital city.
New Cairo

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is growing quickly. The government is building a new capital city in the middle of the desert. The city’s growth represents a massive political challenge.

Why Egypt Is Building a New Capital City? Egypt is building a new capital city right in the middle of the desert. But why are they doing this and why would they choose this unfavorable landscape outside of Cairo in the Sahara desert for the project?


The political administration is a massive burden for Cairo, which is already under growth pressure. The Egyptian government considers this a key threat to the country’s prosperity.

Most people in Egypt live along the Nile, where there is water for agriculture and industry, a milder climate, and fertile soil. The government is trying to buy time by discouraging people from having more than two children.

Egypt saw itself forced to build new cities in the desert. Since the 1970s, massive new development projects have been set up around Cairo to reduce the strain on the capital city.

New Cairo

Egypt’s brand-new capital, Cairo, will house all different ministries of the Egyptian government, including the cabinet building, the post-office headquarters, the Egyptian Central Bank, and People Square. It will also house the Egyptian Parliament.

The new administrative center of Egypt is a large area full of grand city squares. These wide avenues demonstrate strength. The new headquarters of the Egyptian Ministry of Defense is the largest defense complex globally.

The new capital of Egypt is being built to become a new Global Center with a strong economy and vibrant city life. It will also host major sports events, such as the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup.

Large mosques and a Coptic Orthodox Cathedral were built in the new city. Sunni Islam is the most widespread religion in Egypt.

Several universities are being built across the city in line with the country’s vision 2030 initiative.

The Iconic Tower, the tallest building in Africa, is being built in the central business district. An even taller building, Oblisco, is planned.

The master plan for the new capital of Egypt includes 20 residential centers with distinct architectural styles. It also includes a park six times the size of New York’s Central Park and an artificial river inspired directly by the Nile.

This planned city for the future of Egypt aims to be an international city with an Olympic sports complex, international science hubs, and expo centers. It will be interesting to see how natural growth will shape the city’s future.

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