What is Static Electricity?

Static Electricity
How does static electricity work.

Have you ever touched someone or something and noticed a small electric shock? This is static electricity. You’re probably wondering what it is or how you can eliminate it. We have the answer in today’s post.

It is a discharge of electricity that was accumulated in some material and has found an escape route through our body.

What is static electricity?

The word “static” means lacking movement. Therefore, static electricity is an electrical charge without movement.

On this basis, static electricity is also known as static energy. A phenomenon of accumulation of excess electric charge that occurs when the electric charges of certain atoms become unbalanced. The atoms are no longer neutral, which is their usual state.

Thus, the balance between the components of each atom, protons (positive charge), electrons (negative charge) and neutrons (neutral charge), will maintain the neutral charge.

But if, for example, we rub two objects together, an imbalance occurs, resulting in an exchange of electrons between the atoms. Those atoms will become negatively charged, while those that lose them will gain a positive charge. It is at this point that static electricity is produced.

The origin of static electricity

The great impulse in the study of static electricity was when Michael Faraday, in 1832, published the results of his experiments on the identity of electricity, thus equating static electricity to other types of electricity, such as that induced by a magnet or the electricity produced by a battery. It was then that this type of energy became part of general electricity.

Tips for avoiding static electricity

There are many ways to avoid this type of electricity in our environment and to prevent the accumulation of electrons. Here are some tips to help you avoid its effects:

  • Avoid using clothes with 100% synthetic fabrics, replace them with cotton, wool or silk.
  • Use moisturizing cream for the body, this will avoid the friction of the clothes with your body.
  • In case of static electricity in your hair, moisturize it with conditioners or similar products.
  • Use humidifiers to increase the humidity of the environment.
  • Avoid rubber soles on your shoes.

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