Apps to Measure the Performance of Your Smartphone

useful Benchmarking apps for measuring the performance of your device.

Applications that measure the performance of your mobile: When you buy a smartphone you make sure that it has good technical specifications. Still, you should know that you can test its operation and check the performance of your phone through some simple apps.

What parameters do you measure to know how well your cell phone performs?

The fundamental elements for your smartphone to work in an optimal way are: the processor, the CPU, the RAM and the ROM, all of them intervene so that the processes that are carried out in your phone are carried out in a fluid way.

How do the applications that measure the performance of your mobile work?

What these applications do is take your smartphone to the limit.

For exemple: they start executing a series of processes that require the maximum effort from your phone so that you can check how it responds before the actions it has to perform on a daily basis.

The best applications to measure the performance of an Android


This application is one of the most popular for performance testing on your Smartphone. It has already launched several ever-improving versions that measure more and more parameters of the mobile. Download AnTuTu on your Android and try it out.


The 3DMark app is specially designed for all those who play a lot with their mobile. 3DMark app focuses its tests mainly on two resources:

  • The CPU
  • The graphics card

Geekbench 3

This app is mainly dedicated to simulate the processes that you perform daily with your mobile, but taking it to the extreme to check its operation without any doubt and then, shows you the results of the analysis. It is especially interesting the study that makes the processor.

The best applications to measure the performance of an iPhone

Although we find less variety of applications for this purpose than in Android, the iOS operating system also has some apps to benchmark your smartphone.

Gensystek Benchmark

This application performs up to ten types of tests focusing on the different components of an iPhone. In addition, you can ask Gensystek Benchmark to send you the result of the analysis by email to check the result carefully.

Other applications to measure performance on an iPhone

Besides Gensystek Benchmark, you will find for iPhone the versions of AnTuTu and 3DMark.

If you suspect that your phone is not performing at its best, we recommend that you use more than one application to get several results and compare them. And, if your smartphone is indeed underperforming, switch phones. Dont forget to check your new phone with apps to Measure the Performance of Your Smartphone.

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