Taiwan deploys fighter jets in response to 36 Chinese warplanes sent to Buzz Island

Taiwan deploys fighter jets in response to 36 Chinese warplanes sent to Buzz Island
The Taiwanese military sends fighter jets to Buzz Island after 36 Chinese aircraft arrive.

According to the Ministry of Defence, Taiwan is monitoring the situation and deploying its own naval vessels, aircraft, and land-based missile systems. Taiwan China News.

TAIWAN has scrambled fighter jets to protect its territory after China deployed more than 30 warplanes to buzz the island. The Sun.

Taiwan’s defence ministry shared a clip of its fighter jets taking over ahead of journeys over the Taiwan Strait, saying: “We stand on the frontlines to protect our country from any threat.”

US warships are being deployed to the region, raising fears of a broader international conflict.

China’s military announced on Wednesday that it has “completed various tasks” around Taiwan, but will continue to conduct regular patrols. Taiwan says it has dispatched planes and ships to monitor the situation.

Beijing has long claimed Taiwan as a “breakaway” territory, but the island nation of more than 23 million people was never part of the modern People’s Republic. China has ratcheted up tensions over Taiwan in retaliation for US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s controversial visit.

Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said China had no right to interfere in Taiwan’s democracy or interactions with other nations.

China has vowed to take Taiwan by force if necessary and warned that it will not rule out sending Chinese troops to Taiwan in the event of an invasion.

China’s Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu said the US was deliberately stirring up tension in the Taiwan Straits.

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