The Ukrainian army has praised its anti-tank gunners after the destruction of over 2,000 Russian tanks in the ongoing war.

    How Ukraine’s Anti-Tank Gunners Have Crippled Russia’s Tank Force. #ukraine #ukrainewar #ukrainemilitary

    The gunners have been able to stop the advance of the Russian forces and have inflicted heavy losses on them.

    The Ukrainian army is confident that it can win the war if it can continue to destroy Russian tanks at this rate.

    Russia’s T-72 Tank Has a Crucial Vulnerability

    #Russia #T72 – Russia’s T-72 Tank Has a Crucial Vulnerability, Complicating Moscow’s Ukraine War

    Russian tanks have a design feature that causes an explosion and blows off the top. The ongoing war in Ukraine has exposed this vulnerability and the future of one of the world’s most popular tanks, the T-72.

    The T-72 was first produced in 1969, and has many design iterations since. Its auto-loading mechanism reduces the crew from four to three members, and makes it harder to hit.

    Early tanks were tall, and were easy to take out with anti tank missiles. The T-72 is a compact tank, but its design can lead to a chain reaction, if an explosive material makes its way inside.

    Modern Western tanks have a safer outlet for their ammunition, because they store it behind an armored wall, in the back. The Russian T-72’s weaknesses were amplified, by Russia’s strategy for how the tanks were deployed, in Ukraine.


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