Labrador and Golden Retriever Dogs

Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever dogs.
Labrador Retriever vs Golden Retriever.

Despite distinct characteristics, such as size and coat color, it’s the similarities between the two breeds that make these dogs unique. Both dogs have an extremely docile behavior, much desired by those looking for a large dog as a pet. Because they are very intelligent and have great skills, they serve as rescue dogs and assistance dogs for people with special needs.

It is worth mentioning that both breeds have “retriever” in their name. The term comes from the English term retrieve, which means get or recover something. In this sense, it is easy to deduce that they are dogs designed to retrieve something or someone. Especially, if taking into account the historical context in which these breeds were created.

Labrador VS Golden Retriever video.

Labrador Retriever Characteristics

The Labrador retriever is believed to have appeared in Canada in the 16th century. The region in which the dog appeared for the first time as a breed is called Labrador, so it got its name.

But although they appeared in this region, it does not reflect their ancestry. Labradors are probably a crossbreed between dogs originating in Portugal and the British Isles.

Considered a large dog, a male Labrador can weigh between 27 and 40 kilos. Their height ranges between 54 and 59 centimeters. The females are smaller, but still reach almost the same size as male dogs.

Perhaps the biggest difference between a Labrador and a Golden Retriever is the coat. Labradors have short, thick and shiny hair. The coat can be of three colors: black, chocolate brown or yellow. The latter is susceptible to several variations, almost approaching white or red in certain individuals of the Labrador family.

Very sociable, this dog has a very balanced temperament. This makes it a great pet, as it creates strong bonds of friendship with family members. Labradors are not considered good protection dogs because they are not aggressive. This is the reason why Labradors make great service and assistance dogs.

These dogs are always ready to help, either to guide the visually impaired or to rescue someone in trouble. This breed is considered one of the most intelligent in the world. Labradors are friendly to anyone, even if they are strangers.

Golden Retriever Characteristics

Bred to be a hunting dog, the golden retriever appeared in Scotland around 1850. At the time, it was common for men to go hunting for birds.

For this purpose, by crossing several breeds of spaniel dog they created a dog breed with specific skills. This gave rise to the main difference between the golden retriever and the Labrador: the coat.

In various shades of gold, the hair of a golden retriever is fine and silky. However, the dog has two coats (types of hair) to protect it from seasonal temperature changes.

The hair on the surface is long while their undercoat is short. This serves to protect the dog from the cold during winter and provide thermal insulation on hot summer days.

Golden retrievers are taller than Labradors, but their coat creates an optical illusion that makes them look smaller.

It is worth mentioning that the Labrador is more robust than a golden retriever, which has a slimmer body. The male golden retriever is between 51 and 61 centimeters tall and weighs between 27 and 37 kilograms. Females are slightly smaller and lighter.

Extremely intelligent, considered even more intelligent than a Labrador, the Golden Retriever is a very sociable and kind dog. For this reason, they are considered excellent companion dogs and pets. Like the Labrador, it forges strong bonds with its owners and is able to learn many skills.

Labrador Vs Retriever

CharacteristicLabrador RetrieverGolden Retriever
HeightBetween 54 and 59 centimeters.Females are slightly smaller.Between 51 and 61 centimeters.Females are slightly smaller.
WeightBetween 27 and 40 kilos.Females weigh a little less.Between 27 and 37 kilos.Females weigh a little less.
Body structureRobust and agile body.Slim and agile body.
Main differenceShort and shiny hair. Color varies between black, chocolate brown and yellow (with variations that approach white or red).Long, fine and silky hair in varying shades of gold.

In summary, it can be said that both dogs have clear morphological differences: coat, size, weight and body structure.

However, it is the similarities that most captivate those who want one of these dogs as a pet. Both Labs and Retrievers are intelligent, docile, sociable, affectionate and very intelligent.

Both are great working dogs. They are easily trained, and possess great rescue and assistance skills. They also have an excellent sense of smell which is very useful in detecting explosives and drugs.

Being very cheerful and affectionate breeds, these dogs are very good companions for people with special needs.


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