According to this footage, Russian soldiers abandoned a comrade who had been hit by Ukrainian munitions. The footage, apparently taken by a drone, shows four Russian soldiers walking across a field when one of them suddenly is hit by a bomb that appears to have been dropped by a drone.

    Although the injured man is writhing on the ground, the three other Russian soldiers do not appear to help him.


    In a shocking moment, Russian soldiers can be seen abandoning an ally who has been hit by a Ukrainian strike drone.

    The strike drone appeared to come out of nowhere and hit the Russian soldier in the chest.

    The footage shows the other soldiers running away from the scene, leaving their comrade behind.

    It’s unclear what happened to the soldier after that, but it’s clear that the Ukrainian strike drone caught the Russians off guard.

    The footage was provided by the 24th Separate Mechanized Brigade of Ukrainian Ground Forces, also known as the 24th Mechanized Brigade of Ukrainian Ground Forces.

    It is clear that the Ukrainian army is using drones to great effect in their fight against the Russian-backed separatists. The fact that the Ukrainian army was able to destroy a Russian military target with no casualties of its own is a sign of how effective these weaponized drones can be.


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