What If Ukraine Had Joined NATO Today?

What If Ukraine Had Joined NATO Today

As tensions between Russia and Ukraine begin to escalate, the question of Ukraine joining NATO is potentially deadly. Find out what will happen if Ukraine becomes the new NATO member and what Putin promises!

Can Ukraine really join NATO, and what would happen if it does?

Can Ukraine be in NATO? The Infographics Show

The Russian army suffered the heaviest defeat in the war in Ukraine. After victories in the east and defending Kyiv against Russian aggression, Ukraine once again confirmed its acceleration of joining the NATO alliance.

She is also not alone, as Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, and North Macedonia are now supporting Ukraine to join the most powerful political-military alliance in the world.

What is NATO?

NATO is made up of thirty member states, twenty-seven of which are located in Europe alone.

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